Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Everywhere

In the middle of the night, the NYPD evicted Occupy from Zuccotti Park. They claimed it to be for reasons of health, so they could clean the park, and that they would allow protesters back in in the morning. As of 10am, they still are not allowed into the park, even though a court order has been delivered. During the night, no media was allowed in the airspace over or in the area being "cleaned", while the tents tarps and media equipment in the park has been destroyed.

I understand that the cops are doing what they are told to, that they have to keep their jobs, but you would think that they would ask someone in charge about the court order on the radio if someone mentions it to them, that way they aren't breaking the law. Police are law ENFORCERS, not law MAKERS or, it seems in this instance, law ABIDERS.

To say that I am bothered by this is a bit of an understatement. I am absolutely APPALLED at the way this is being handled. To destroy property, property DONATED to the Occupy Movement, under the guise of handling disease?! What about RIGHTS? What about FREEDOM?

I don't even know if I can keep talking about this. I went to my gall bladder sonogram and this was on the news, like a little afterthought after "news" about Penn State, came home and looked at my Google + feed and found a link to live coverage of what is happening there, and I am just..... astonished at what I'm seeing. The occupiers are standing peacefully and the cops are SCREAMING at them to get off the sidewalks. This is the world we live in? A world where you no longer have the freedom to peacefully protest when you feel wronged?

What in the hell kind of government is that? No expression of protest allowed might as well mean the government is completely taking over. Last I checked, democracy is FOR the people, BY the people.

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